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Think of the construction workers

lace goosen cartoon

(Cartoon by Lance Goosen)

Construction season is upon us once again in Oshawa and drivers need to be careful around construction zones.

It can often be frustrating for drivers as their commute can be slower and can even be rerouted. With the increase in construction set to begin, it’s important for drivers to slow down and be aware in order to avoid an accident.

Construction work typically results in the lowering of speed limits, and the squeezing and elimination of lanes. This can make for a tight squeeze, placing construction workers at risk near moving vehicles.

In 2018, Ontario saw 26 total deaths in construction zones, two of them were from public motor vehicles, five were on roads, and another two had unknown causes.

Now, accidents do happen, and human error can result in injuries, and even loss of life, and this is why it is important to be careful.

As more drivers are back on the roads with the ease of COVID-19 restrictions, we have to remind ourselves to slow down and expect the delays we experienced prior to the pandemic. It was a nice break from our congested roadways but reality is trending back as life begins to return to normal.

I think we can safely say we are all tired of isolating and are looking forward to the time when all restrictions are lifted. Premier Doug Ford is making quick steps in the coming weeks to return us to a regular way of life, which means there will be more drivers on the roads heading to work and play.

So, for the here and now, when driving in a construction zone, remember one thing: slow down and stay safe – not just for you, but the workers and their families.