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Cutting foreign aid a big mistake

Dear Editor,

Andrew Scheer’s promise to cut foreign aid budget by 25 per cent by cutting aid to middle-income and upper-income countries overlooks the fact that two-thirds of the people in extreme poverty live in these countries.

They do not have Canada’s AAA credit rating to be able to strengthen their social safety nets by doling out election candy. There are no such nets for the extreme poor.

We live in an interconnected world. The poor are often forced to adopt unfriendly environmental practices and are inevitably the most impacted by climate change-related shocks and the ripple effects of increased poverty and strife.

There will be an unprecedented displacement of people. Who’s door will they be banging on, Mr. Scheer?

Global security will continue to be elusive as long as the world’s gross disparities remain off the political agenda, the cries of the displaced and dispossessed go unheard, and justice is reserved for a privileged few.

Scheer should pledge to invest more not less in the world’s poorest, regardless of nationality, as a form of insurance.

Stephen St. Denis