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Ford, Scheer are one in the same

Dear Editor,

While I do believe that we should take care of our own people first, I also believe that we should help other countries to the extent that we can.

Mr. Scheer is acting just like Doug Ford. He is telling everybody that they should vote for him because he will put more cash in your pocket. Initially it sounds good, but I have one question, “Where does he think the money is going to come from?” The wealthiest in this country do not pay their fare share of taxes. They should, but because of fancy accounting, they do not. For the government to put extra money in your pocket, it has to come from somewhere.

The Scheer government will get you all relaxed and have money in your pocket, but they will surely then raise the taxes on the middle class. Remember the Ford          government in Ontario?

He insisted that no one would lose their jobs. He has not come out and fired anyone but he has made thousands of positions redundant. All of this so he could keep government, and as he said many times he did not realize how much trouble the province was in.

I believe that Mr. Ford could have cut programs gradually instead of all at once. I believe that most people would have accepted that, but instead, he governs a province where most of the electors have a low opinion of him.

I do not hate Mr. Ford, but I do hate how he has gone about it. I also wanted to rid the province of Kathleen Wynne, but now we know what a Conservative government has and will do.

Federal or provincial, I think that both governments are the same, they just go about it differently.

Do not blame anyone if the Conservative government gets in, blame yourself when everything goes to hell in a hand-basket!

Ron Horner