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Climate is an issue

Dear Editor,

I am a retiree in his 70s, and it would be easy for me to look at the oncoming climate crisis and just pull my head into my shell, and to tell myself that I’ve lived a good life and what better way to go than at the hands of Mother Nature. After all, I’m as guilty as any other human for causing her to rise up in anger.But when I push past this overwhelming sense of futility, I see that, in fact, there are others who bear more responsibility for the coming disaster than I.

Politicians, CEOS and shareholders of big corporations, and enablers of the kind of society that has brought us to this point.What’s maddening about this is that we have the technology to change direction for the better. What’s missing is the will.

We need our government to grow a backbone and get it done by standing up to the greed of big business, and passing laws that protect and strengthen our natural world. I’m only one old person, but I will change my vote this year in favour of the party that shows me they have the guts to take this on.

Bill Wood