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Customer service of the future

Dear Editor,

I recently went to the WalMart on Laval Drive and when I was ready to check out I was very confused.

I found out that the express lanes had been replaced by do-it-yourself registers, and I was very upset. It was not the fact that I did not know how to use them, it was the fact that at least 10 cashiers had been replaced by technology.

I am all for expressing and having new technology, but not at the loss of real jobs. I have been following and reading up on how technology is supposedly not replacing the cashiers’ jobs, it is just another piece of technology and we are proud to use it.

At least the 10 jobs lost to technology and replaced with at least 10 automatic cashiers is definitely saving the stores that have them a whole lot of money. After all isn’t that why people go into business, to make money?

I believe there is only brick and mortar stores that sell clothes and  shoes that have not gone to technology and it is lapping at their heels. One thing I do not understand is the Oshawa Centre building the 288 stores in the new section. According to the news, most people are shopping on line so why do we even have these stores. Pretty soon all cashiers will be replaced by the automatic check-out. 

Ron Horner