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Local resident bids farewell

Dear Editor,

I wrote what I thought was a reasonable letter to the editor about the noise from The Oshawa Airport, and apparently Mr. Trupp has a simple solution that I should just move. Somehow his comment has a familiar ring to someone south of the border.

My letter did indicate my frustration about the noise from the airport, but it also highlighted the greater frustration with the lack of action from city officials, both appointed and elected.

I’m already ahead of Mr. Trupp as my home has been sold and I’m looking further east for an improved quality of life. I’m guessing that a lot of other Oshawa residents may be doing the same.

Perhaps an even greater story is how Oshawa will define itself now that it has lost General Motors, and is becoming a commuter city. What will be its identity? What quality-of-life can its residents expect? How will it differentiate itself from not only the GTA, but our more tranquil towns to the east and north?

I won’t be here to be part of those conversations. I will be enjoying the peace and quiet of a community that values its residents and their quality of life.

Bill Shepherd