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Committee receives update on GO Transit expansion plans

The region’s planning and economic development committee has been brought up to speed on Metrolinx’s plans to expand further east through Oshawa and into Bowmanville.

The expansion of the Lakeview East line, which currently terminates in Oshawa, has been part of the provincial transit agency’s long-term plans since 2008 when it was named as part of its Big Move plans.

Metrolinx acquired the former Knob Hills property in Oshawa to be used for a future train station in the summer of 2014, but no other work has been done at the site.

In a report presented to the committee, it was noted that while the electrification of rail has been named the top priority, the region has been notified that the expansion is still part of Metrolinx’s priorities over the next decade, although no funding has yet been dedicated to the project.