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A return to an affordable way of life

Dear Editor,

Just so Mr. Vickers understands, I am saying that socialist programs outlined by the Liberals and NDP during the last election are unaffordable.

And, yes, let’s talk about the billions of dollars parked off shore, which was largely done in accordance with Canadian tax laws and why that money was transferred. You can start with the confiscation nature of the tax structure in Canada where if you are successful you will surrender over 50 per cent of your income to the government. This is income tax alone and does not even touch capital gains tax, corporate tax or taxes on dividends. Canada’s tax structure is nothing but legalized government theft.

The only problem with the can of worms called hydro rates is that the Wynne government’s privatization of Hydro One did not go far enough. Hydro One should have been broken up and true competition introduced into the electrical generation market to drive hydro costs down even further.

The principle cause of the 2008 financial meltdown was the Community Reinvestment Act passed by a Democratic controlled Congress in 1977 and signed by President Carter, which forced banks and other lenders to grant mortgages to those who did not qualify. A prime example of government welfare program which screwed everyone else.

As for the bail out of the banks, I am not in favour of welfare or bail outs for any corporation or business, be it the banks, investment houses or even General Motors.  Welfare or other social assistance programs should only be for those citizens who are truly needy.  So yes, I am going to enjoy another beer and another 10 or 12 years of Conservative rule, ever thankful that we escaped the clutches of Mr. Vickers’s socialist paradise.

Curt Shalapata