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Common sense cannabis solutions

When it comes to locating the city’s Ontario Cannabis Stores, a lot remains up in the air, but one thing is for sure, regardless of the location, it’s not going to please everyone.

The city has recently wrapped up its public consultation process to gather opinions from residents on where these new provincial weed retailers should be located in Oshawa. As it stands, the city’s zoning bylaw doesn’t place too many restrictions on where these stores can open up.

However, for some residents and councillors in attendance at the recent public meeting, one thing was clear; keep these stores away from the children.

It’s simply common sense, and something one would think the province is already on top of in terms of locating potential stores. Placing these retailers away from areas frequented by vulnerable populations, like children, is simply a no-brainer, and the further these stores are away from schools or daycares or even clinics that treat those with addiction issues, the better.

However, things can be a lot simpler than that.

Why fix what isn’t broken? The LCBO has been choosing locations for stores without many issues for years, and the agency would be smart to stick with similar criteria for the new cannabis stores.

There are also other issues to contend with when picking out locations. For the city, while they’ve held back any recommendations ahead of the public consultations, a previous report noted that these stores should be located within large shopping centres where adequate parking is provided, and should be on arterial roads with good access to public transit.

And this makes sense. If the stores are conveniently located they have a better chance of success in the one matter the government wants to see, and that’s battling illicit pot sales.

As it stands, the government seems to be lagging far behind in terms of preparing for the retails sales in October, with only four locations announced and the Ontario Retail Cannabis Corporation, the provincial entity responsible for administering the legal weed, have yet to announce any supplier contracts.

With that said, when it comes time to choosing these locations, and any future spots, common sense should prevail by placing them in safe, but convenient locations.