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Do they know not to spend more money than they take in?

Dear Editor,

Without any PC governing platform declared as of yet, there seems to be presenting a scene that completely baffles description.  Economic sanity involves much skill, dexterity and sound judgement from both a producer and consumer point of view.

And, so we have the voter who hopes or maybe promises that a buck a beer, less hidden fees from Hydro One and no carbon tax will stimulate economic growth.  Well, big promises from the PC government will bring bigger expenditures.  At least at a first glance the leader Doug Ford has reduced the membership at Queen’s Park from 29 to 21!  Will this leadership bring a freeze in wages for the new Speaker of the House at last year’s compensation?  No, I don’t think so. Would it be more economically prudent to freeze all wages?  The leader will freeze the minimum wage to appease the voting majority?

It seems that there is no experience required to select highly skilled MPPs and they’ve still yet to prove that as a group they can be productive and have a good reputation for ability.  Remember, give the dog a bone and they will be happy forever!

Last, but not least the recent decisions outlined by the PC will certainly sound like a duty of contentment for many voters alike.  What revenue streams have been derived to offset the easy decision to cut costs?

A reduction of massive borrowing by the provincial government over the next four years will somehow bring end to reckless and negligent spending of the previous party in power?  Every frugal voter should at least read or acknowledge “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith.   On a final note, just don’t undersell a government asset to look as if you maybe balance the budget.

My hope is that the voters enjoy that buck a beer until the inflation creeps in again.

Stewart Cameron