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A different opinion on Amber Alerts

Dear Editor,

This is in response to reader Jeff Goodall’s letter “Amber Alerts Are A Bother,” which appeared in the March 6th Express.

I have just one question for you, Jeff:  What the hell is wrong with you?

“Uncalled-for assaults on citizens in their own homes?”

The only uncalled-for assault which took place was on an 11-year-old girl in her own home, where she was murdered by her own father. Where were your children and grandchildren, Jeff?

Oh yes, they were safe in bed in their own homes, weren’t they?

“Blasting my ears off in Oshawa over something that was happening in Orillia.”

In only a couple of hours, an abducted child can easily be transported from Orillia to Oshawa. What if it was your child who had been abducted, Jeff? You would want the whole world to know about it and to start searching, wouldn’t you?

“Sick and tired of phoning a busy 911 emergency number.”

It is busy because of people like you, Jeff, who phone 911 to tie up the emergency number to complain about Amber Alerts.

And finally, “come over to their local police stations and invade the lobbies or … even start throwing rocks through the windows.”

“Dear God” yourself, Jeff, are you mad? “Civil disobedience” over an Amber Alert, which unfortunately came too late to prevent an 11-year-old child’s violent death?

Jeff, I would respectfully suggest that you step back for a moment, straighten up your act, count your blessings, give your children and your grandchildren a huge hug, and thank “Dear God” that we have a system in place that protects them as much as  possible from potential serious harm.

Someone actually did respond to the alert and was able to direct police to the home where the little girl was murdered.

If the alert had been broadcast only an hour earlier, her life might well have been saved.

I am shaking my head after reading Jeff’s letter, and I, too, am an “enraged citizen.”

Marvin Sandomirsky