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Strong trial won’t start until late-2020

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

An Oshawa man charged with the murder of two young women likely won’t go to trial until late next year.

At a May 1 court hearing, Adam Strong’s defence lawyer Tom Balka stated his client’s trial likely won’t begin until at least September 2020.

Strong is accused of killing two Oshawa teens, Rori Hache, and Kandis Fitzpatrick.

He was first arrested in January 2018 after some of Hache’s remains were found in his McMillan Drive apartment.

Hache, 18, was reported missing in August 2017 and her torso was found in Lake Ontario the next month.

After his arrest, Strong was originally charged with indecent interference with a dead body.

Durham police continued their investigation, and in July 2018, announced DNA belonging to Kandis Fitzpatrick was found at Strong’s apartment as well.

Fitzpatrick was 19 when she was last seen in 2008.

In November, police dropped the original allegation against Strong and instead charged him with the murders of the two young women.

In March, the province’s Attorney General approved a direct indictment in the case, waiving the requirement for a preliminary hearing.

Strong is scheduled to return to court on May 28.