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Rolling the dice

Dear Editor,

I pray I live long enough to see some semblance of justice and retribution in regards to the injustices forced upon our citizens on a daily basis by corrupt or weak-willed politicians, and main stream media, plus some medical practitioners.

This is a tragedy that has been unfolding for the past 18 months or so now, silencing any dissent, even from many certified nurses, and doctors, plus specialists like epididymal scientists. The CDC and WHO are constantly changing the goal posts, so many do not even listen to them anymore.

Forcing this vaccine upon children who are in no way threatened by COVID unless obese, is wrong and can be dangerous.

This has been all about making big Pharma huge profits with no liability down the road.

We are rolling the dice, often for no reason at all except politicians tell us we should.

Don’t know about you, but I no longer listen to the politicians. The ones that speak out are ostracized and kicked out of caucus.

They are the only ones I will listen to. If they have the courage to speak the truth and face consequences for doing so, I will listen and trust them, not the others. The others are the ones that should be prosecuted in due course, if there is anything resembling justice anymore. That is what I pray for before I am gone.

Russ Horner