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Get vaccinated

Dear Editor,

I just received my last injection last week. I am very relieved, however we have to now worry if the virus we were injected with is going to protect us from the variant virus!

The people that refuse the injection are putting every person at risk every time they may come in contact, and I can tell you now this is not acceptable. There are a lot more people that will get the vaccine than there are that won’t. They have every right to refuse the vaccine, but the rest of the people have the right to stay healthy.

In almost every community there will certainly be some people that will refuse the vaccine but the rest of us have the right to refuse entry to every place they want to go (there are a lot). They may not be able to even go to the grocery store.

I am therefore begging those that did not get vaccinated to do so as soon as possible. You are putting the rest of the public and even your coworkers and children (if you have any) at risk. You are putting every single school at risk. Doesn’t that bother you at all?

Ron Horner