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Nuclear alert testing coming in May

The Region of Durham will be conducting its spring test of the nuclear alerting system on May 3 and 4.

The system warns people in the unlikely event of an emergency at the nuclear generating stations in Clarington and Pickering.

The test will take place during daytime hours over two days.

On May 3, an auto dialer will call listed landline phone numbers within 10 kilometres of the nuclear generating stations. The calls will show as coming from 905-666-6291.

On May 4, the outdoor sirens will sound for up to one minute. The sirens are within three kilometres of the stations and will be heard by people who are outdoors and in that area.

Cell phone, radio, and TV alerts will be tested by the province on May 5.

The region is reminding residents this is just a test, and residents don’t need to do anything if an alert is received.

In a real emergency, hearing the sirens means residents should head indoors and tune into local media outlets or official government channels for instructions.

The next test is scheduled for fall 2021.

To learn how residents will be alerted by looking up their address, visit

For more information, visit, or call the nuclear alerting information line at 1-866-551-5373.