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Celebrating volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week and the Region of Durham is recognizing volunteers and the contributions they make to the community.

“Volunteerism is the heartbeat of Durham Region. Those who selflessly devote their time and effort to support others, make our community stronger and more welcoming,” reads a statement on behalf of Durham Regional Chair John Henry and CAO Elaine Baxter-Trahair.

“We’d like to thank all volunteers throughout Durham Region for their dedication, commitment and sacrifice,” it reads. “Whether you serve on a regional committee or have offered your service to those in need during the pandemic through non-profit and community-led organizations, thank you.”

They say the work volunteers do to serve the community is a “shining example of what it means to be Durham Strong, especially during one of the hardest times in our history.”

They note that while the long-term care volunteer program has paused during COVID-19, they too are being celebrated for their hard work and dedication to regional homes.

“We value you, we miss you, and we look forward to welcoming you back,” the statement continues.

“Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do.”