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Local towing company expanding

B&G Towing & Recovery is expanding to Bancroft, where it will be offering many of the some services it provides in Durham Region. (photo submitted)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Local towing company B&G Towing & Recovery is expanding to cover more of Ontario.

The company will now be making its way to Bancroft, Ont., where it will be giving many of the same services it currently provides in Durham Region.

This includes the use of light tow trucks, flatbeds, heavy wreckers, and an enclosed motorcycle trailer, says B&G’s Director of Operations Carolyn Prince.

“We can haul fifth-wheel campers and things like that. We can do off road recoveries if need be [as well],” she says.

Some staff have also been moved up to the new location, says Prince, and will get the company started alongside some new local drivers who have yet to be hired.

She explains they need about three new drivers at the new location, and will be hiring locally.

According to Prince, the opportunity to move into Bancroft arose after the current CAA provider in Bancroft decided it was time to retire.

“We were offered the opportunity to go up and be the contracted CAA provider up there,” she says.

Prince believes this will benefit B&G due to higher exposure in the marketplace, and says it is a very good opportunity for the company because of whom they’re working with.

“We’re pretty happy to be working closely with CAA,” she says.

B&G has officially made their move into their new facility, with all trucks being in place as of Monday, Aug. 31. They started working in Bancroft on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

However, their Bancroft home isn’t a done deal just yet, according to Prince.

“We have purchased a building up there. [The deal isn’t] closed yet – it’s going to close toward the end of October – but we’ve rented it in the meantime,” she says. “So, we do have our location up there that we’ll have to work out of.”

Prince acknowledges they are expanding in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time most companies would consider such a venture to be too risky. But she notes B&G was not immune to the effects of COVID-19.

“The pandemic affected us quite a bit. We did have to temporarily lay off some people,” she says. “We kept as many on as possible though.”

She notes the towing business slowed down during the pandemic due to the lack of drivers on the road, but they also had other means to keep pulling in business.

“While it affected us somewhat, we’ve been able to keep going, and with the opportunity to expand up there, it was a great time for us,” she says.

Originally, Mitch Wright, the son of B&G’s owner Bill Wright, was supposed to head up to Bancroft to take charge of the new branch, but Prince says an injury stopped him from doing so.

“He actually sustained a fairly bad injury to his ankle [just before the move],” she says, adding he isn’t doing too badly right now, but needs to see a surgeon due to the injury.

For now, Mitch will assist in the background, says Prince, and will help B&G to get ready and fully operational at their second home.

“As soon as he is better, he will be going up there to run that operation for us,” says Prince.