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Left behind

Dear Editor,

It blows my mind how this pandemic has shut down the opportunity to meet with friends at the local coffee shop for a friendly chit chat each morning, as many old timers like myself have always looked forward to for years. We have had the lockdown extended while the rest of the world is opening up, but we can attend an illegal “protest” in Toronto.

I have lost any respect for certain politicians that I may have had in the past, prior to this pandemic, but now also lost respect for many in the medical field that ignore the oath they took when becoming doctors. When they pledge to “do no harm,” yet put money or advancement ahead of ethics when providing no protocol for treatment of COVID-19 in the early stages, even though there are up to half-a-dozen drugs that can be used alone or in conjunction with one or more of the others to keep people out of hospital. No need for ICU or ventilators if caught early on and treated with very safe, cheap, dependable drugs developed many years ago.

Many have died due to the lack of ethics shown by many of these so called health professionals.

My faith in mankind has been shaken thoroughly, by some of the actions, or inaction, of people we had placed our trust in. To not treat a sick patient, and wait until they get to the point of not being able to breathe without a ventilator is beyond the pale.

It seems it is all done to promote a vaccine, costing us all many billions, and not without risks, and nothing else available in the tool box. Just to frighten the public into believing that is the only recourse for them is not true, and I hope someday will come back to bite them.

Russ Horner