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Cat dies after being abandoned in Oshawa

Brave Little Man was found tied in a garbage bag outside of an Oshawa apartment

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

A cat who was left abandoned and tied in a garbage bag has been euthanized by Oshawa Animal Services (OAS) after his health recently declined.

The cat, named Brave Little Man, was found by an Oshawa resident near an apartment building on Colborne Street., according to OAS supervisor Kathy Pittman-Feltham.

“[He was in] very poor condition, extremely emaciated, dehydrated, with no or little use in his back end at all,” says Pittman-Feltham. “Within his first few minutes in the shelter he downed two bowls of food, so, [he was in] very poor condition.”

Pittman-Feltham explains the owner hasn’t been located yet, but they are searching.

“[Durham Regional Police Service] is working on it,” she explains. “We haven’t heard recently if they have any leads.”

She says what ultimately caused the animal to have to be put down was a multitude of circumstances.

“He had an underlying heart condition and severe liver issues,” she explains. “We kept him at the vet for almost four days under 24-hour care. We were very hopeful [as he eventually] seemed to be more bright and more alert, but unfortunate he took a turn, and the vet said it was really our only decision with him he was doing so poorly.”

Pittman-Feltham says situations like this after often faced by those in animal services.

“Sometimes we get involved by choice because we’ve seen an animal we’re able to help, and we reach out and we’ll bring that animal into our care,” she says.

In her three years with OAS, Pittman-Feltham says she has seen similar situations at least 10 times.

Pittman-Feltham hopes those who can no longer care for their pets, for whatever reason, can reach out to them.

“I would say reach out to every resource you have available,” she says. “Give us a call – Durham Region Human Society is also there to help when it comes to surrendering pets, and there are many many rescue groups. [What happened to Brave Little Man] shouldn’t have even been an option as a resort.”

She admits being a bet owner can be challenging and understands people can find themselves in stressful situations, but she would have rather see animals left at shelter.

“Just come in, no questions asked,” she says. “[Just say] ‘I found it as a stray and here you go,’ not that we’d encourage that, but I would much rather that than the outcome for this kitty.”

Brave Little Man had a “strong spirit” and captured the hearts of those at OAS from the second he came in, according to Pittman-Feltham.

“I was very impressed with the Good Samaritan who did the right thing when they found this animal. They got it into a carrier and got it warm quickly,” she says. “Our municipal law enforcement team responded extremely quickly, we were able to take that animal and get it back here as quickly as possible, and make sure it was comfortable and loved.”

While they hoped for a better outcome, Pittman-Feltham and her team took some solace in the fact Brave Little Man was warm, fed, and loved up until he died.

For those interested in adopting, or feel they are no longer in a position to take care of their pet, they can get in touch with OAS at 905-436-3311.

It is located at 919 Farewell St.