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Youth bowling national championships roll into Oshawa

Three athletes from Oshawa will be competing in the national tournament

Lucas Kelloway and Carson Bouvier won the Bantam Boys Doubles Provincial Championship along with coach Gary Henderson. (Photo supplied)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Three Oshawa youth will be looking to look to rack up the strikes this weekend.

The Youth Bowl Canada National five-pin championship is coming to Oshawa this year.

More than 170 athletes between the ages of eight to 19 will be making their way to NEB’s Fun World between May 5 to May 7.

Three of these young athletes are from Oshawa, according to Steve Barker, media relations person for the tournament host committee.

Ethan D’Sa, 15, will be competing in Junior Boys Singles, and the team of Lucas Kelloway, 10, and Carson Bouvier, 9, will be competing in Bantam Boys Doubles.

According to Barker, all three Oshawa athletes won their respective provincial tournaments to qualify for the event.

After previously dropping from five-person teams to four-person teams, the tournament is now down to doubles and singles.

“Unfortunately in other parts of the country, they’re having trouble filling four and five-person teams out of one centre,” he explains. “We have the largest youth program in the country in Oshawa, so it kind of hurts us because we can easily fill lots of four-person teams.”

Barker says the tournament rotates from province to province every year, and this is the third time in the last 10 years Oshawa has been the host.

The tournament had previously come to Oshawa in 2015 and 2009.

“Both those times it was kind of split in Toronto,” he explains. “The singles event was in Toronto, and [Oshawa] had the team event.”

He says NEB’s Fun World is a prime location to host the tournament because all of the events are able to fit in one place.

Barker invites the public to come watch D’Sa, Kelloway and Bouvier compete for the national championship.