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Work to stop narcotic robberies

Dear Editor,

I am baffled at the stories of pathetic, groveling addicts robbing drugstores for narcotics without a prescription. It’s time for drugstore personnel to stop being compliant in the face of obvious “no weapon” displays. Talk is cheap from the perpetrators.

Perhaps signage is needed, indicating that narcotic safes are on time-lock systems, opened only once per day in presence of security. Therefore, all the day’s narcotic scripts are filled at one time. This is the way to say no.

Oshawa is fortunate to have four (yes, four) methadone treatment clinics to assist these desperados with their cravings. Perhaps brochures advertising these clinics could be a glass half-full gesture of good faith and placed near the strategically placed signage.

It is time for hard working business owners of pharmacies to take back control and alleviate a low-risk fear of surrender. Perhaps hidden alarm buttons hooked up to police headquarters could also be investigated as to their functionality. They would silently inform law enforcement of a robbery attempt.

Just a thought.

R.M. Hues