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Winchester-Simcoe work set to begin soon

Construction set to last through December

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The intersection of Simcoe Street North and Winchester Road is about to get a lot busier as construction is set to begin later this month.

According to Ben McWade of Durham ‘s construction services, the region is performing several modifications at the busy north Oshawa intersection.

McWade says they will be building new turning lanes and additional throughway lanes.

“So right now there’s one through lane and a left turn lane on each leg, so we’re going to be adding another through lane everywhere, and we’re going to be adding right turn channels at each corner.”

McWade says while work will begin shortly he cannot provide a precise date because it is weather dependent and they’re also waiting on utility companies to finish up on site.

Despite the fact the intersection is very busy, McWade says they will not be diverting traffic, but instead “there will be lane restrictions as needed to maintain the safety of the workers and the drivers.”

He believes streets such as Harmony Road may see an increase in traffic as people try to avoid the construction.

However, McWade says this typically happens at the beginning of projects, and “since we’re maintaining all of the through lanes, there’s no need for traffic to find other routes.”

The project is being driven by increased traffic demands around the Harmony Road and Highway 407 intersection, as well as on Simcoe Street, according to McWade.

Ward 2 regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri feels positively about the construction, as he thinks it will help to make the street safer.

Marimpietri also believes the final product will add to safety measures already being provided by the community safety zone that was recently approved by both city and regional councils.

McWade says the plan is for the project to be completed in December 2019.