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Where is the fiscal common sense?

Dear Editor,

Some days it almost seems like I am living in an old episode of the sci-fi  series “The Twilight Zone.”

I say that because of many of the hard to believe, whacko situations our federal government finds itself in.

Such as the retired governor generals, since 1979, are allowed to bill us, the taxpayers, for many thousands of dollars for office expenses, in addition to the huge pension they pick up after only five years. Plus millions to go towards a charity operation of their choice.

These people are retired folks. Adrienne Clarkson brought this to the fore recently again because she went over the $100,000 mark this year again, as actually she went to over two $200,000 this time.

It is only because of an astute Global TV reporter David Aiken that light was shone on this idiotic scheme. Otherwise, we would never know of it. How many of you have an expense account to bill whatever to after you retire?

Then recently, we find that we have purchased over 600 automobiles for the last G7 summit held in Quebec.

The Mounties bought all these hundreds of cars with our money to use for two days for seven leaders!

Many of these cars have less than 50 kilometers on the clock. Now they are trying to sell them at about HALF the price we paid for them.

Did the Horsemen never hear of Discount or Hertz Rental?

Recently, I read of Bombardier giving an early Christmas gift to 5,000 Canadian employees in the form of pink slips.

This not two years after we gave them a gift of taxpayers money in the multi-millions.

They gave their top executives a 50 percent raise last time, and sent some work to the southern USA.

Now they are selling more contracts to a firm in BC, and killing jobs in Quebec and Ontario.

Remember, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, that is a sign of insanity.

We dearly need some fiscal common sense in Ottawa. If we ran our households anything like that, we would be out on the street, and rightfully so.

Russ Horner