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City councillor, former mayor responds

I would not define dysfunctional leadership as an administration that gets things done, and makes reality out of election promises. Is reckless spending defined by building fire halls, recreational facilities, downtown revitalization and additional facilities for seniors? From my perspective, that is investing in Oshawa.

In business, we use long-term debt to pay for long-term assets and to service existing, neglected infrastructure. In our personal lives, we secure a mortgage in order to purchase a home; we then raise our family and get the enjoyment out of our home while we pay off the mortgage.

Well before my time as Mayor, a vehicle was provided to the person holding office. When choosing a vehicle, I wanted something that reflected GM’s investment in our city; both the Monte Carlo and the Camaro did just that.

Having worked with Nancy Diamond for many years, I am certain she will be engaged in many debates up above, and not worrying about what is going on down here.

John Gray