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What’s wrong with this picture?

Dear Editor,

The CEO of the OPUC proudly announces a new record for electricity consumption in Oshawa. That was for one day, before that there were probably days that were close and in the coming days will be close again. Unfortunately for many, industry and commerce are greatly curtailed and not drawing on the power grid. What would the result have been if they were drawing on the grid? Hopefully it would have only been a different number on the record.

It wasn’t that long ago the OPUC work force was slashed because of reduced revenue. Given the record setting usage and considering the difference between residential and industrial/commercial rates, how is the loss so great that so many people had to lose their jobs? The City Councillors I have spoken with indicate the employee terminations were not a directive from Council. OPUC is still the only utility laying off employees due to COVID-19 revenue losses.

Record usage with revenue losses so great 10 per cent of the work force is terminated just doesn’t add up. What’s really going on at the OPUC? The operation of Oshawa’s most valuable revenue generating asset needs to be scrutinized.

Rob Goheen