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What causes real climate change?

Dear Editor,

Why does every politician, media type, and political pundit, always ask the question whether or not so and so believes in “climate change”?

Most reasonable people would agree that there is indeed something called climate change, as there is irrefutable evidence left behind over millennia, that climate change absolutely took place several times in the distant past, long before man walked this earth. The question asked should be, does so and so believe in “man made climate change”? That is where you often get a difference in answers.

Many, many people, including many climate scientists, actual climate scientists, unlike David Suzuki, or Al Gore, who are not, do not believe in man made climate change.

Why muddy the waters when asking that question? Why not only ask if so and so believes in actual man made climate change?

The question I have is, if we all agree that climate change is real, and has happened in the distant past, what caused that, as man was not walking the earth at those times, and if we agree on that fact, why should we automatically believe that man caused this change that we are supposedly going through now?

Our illustrious Climate Change Minister, recently claimed she has no time for non believers!

What kind of remark is that to make to fellow Canadians? Should she not make time for ALL Canadians on this subject?

Maybe she could take the time to answer the question above?

Russ Horner