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The truth on treatment of veterans

Dear Editor,

I wonder that Colin Carrie’s tongue does not burn a hole in his cheek.

This from a member of the Harper “Conservative” government that:

  1. Did not spend even the inadequate amount budgeted for veterans.
  1. Cut veteran’s Affairs staff by 25 per cent even though the needs were growing due to returning troops from Afghanistan.
  1. Failed to properly maintain war graves in Europe.
  1. Ignored the problem of PTSD in returning veterans from Afghanistan. A problem so severe that there were more deaths by suicide than had been suffered in the actual combat.

5.Closed some veteran’s affairs offices at a time of need for more.

Is there no depth these latter-day Conservatives will not stoop to? No end to the lying and the downgrading of the welfare of the whole people and not just veterans. Possibly the most remote government from the people, the most careless of its welfare in Canadian history, and certainly the most untruthful, and a long “serving” (euphemistically) member daring to criticize the present government that has at least restored some services.

John Peate