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We are not so different

Dear Editor,

I don’t support the message “Black Lives Matter” any more than “White Lives Matter” on a sign. I support a sign that says “All Human Lives Matter.” We aren’t so different; we all drink water, breathe air, eat food and bleed red when cut. I recently listened to a song called “The Man in Black” by Johnny Cash. The reason he wears black is a statement about social justice. In the song he speaks about the old and lonely, the sick, the uneducated, the poor who live on the wrong side of the tracks, needless wars, violence and prisoners who’ve done their time but remain in prison. His message is the road to happiness is love and charity to others. Isn’t that the message we want to send? No one is left behind. Let’s put on our sign “We Want Real Change.” We want universal health care, pharma care, dental care, basic income, decent housing, education and home care. Isn’t that what really matters? What we want is equal treatment and a share in the collective pie. So I say put on your signs “Love Is Stronger than Hat,” “We Are All Equal.” Ever since man set foot on earth he’s been searching for the jewels beneath the earth. The jewels are above the ground and walking around. We are all earth jewels.

Gord Vickers