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Reader unhappy with OPUC layoffs

Dear Editor,

The CEO of OPUC networks Ivano Labricciosa should be ashamed. Oshawa has traditionally had among the lowest Hydro rates in the province. That is in large part due to the efficiency and dedication of the work force. Now a pandemic strikes and profits see a dip. To protect the profit margin he lays off 10 per cent of the work force even though the higher tier governments have promised mechanisms to ensure the utility income. These were workers who were so essential they had to be at work every day, unlike the CEO. He goes out virtue signalling, handing out masks, giving away meal tickets to support local restaurants and says how helpful the government programs are for the poor; then he adds seven more families to the poverty roster. Protecting the profit margin at the expense of employees? Shame, shame, shame!

Rob Goheen