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Veterinarian who abuses pets is reprehensible

Dear Editor,

For a few days now we have been hearing about and seeing Dr. Rekhi (veterinarian) and the laughable pat on the back that he received from the CVM for his portrayal of himself abusing animals.

I personally have two cats and they bring a lot to my life. I would not want to put their health at risk, so I take them to the vet at least once a year! I personally thought that a person became a veterinarian because they loved animals. The kind of abuse that Dr. Rekhi did to these animals was not that of a vet that loves animals.

It is harder to get into veterinarian school than it is for medical schools in this country. I understand that Dr. Rekhi is not from this country and received his degree (license) from the country of his origin.

If he does not like or respect animals then he should not be treating them. This is a very rare occurrence, and even though it is rarer for veterinarians to abuse patients, it happens to humans as well. Every single person that I have spoken to loves animals and if they do not they would never have a pet. After all you would not become a vet if you hated animals.

This person hopes not.

Ron Horner