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Urging voters to find their own facts

Dear Editor,

I see Trudeau has decided to opt out of several debates prior to the federal election next month. So much for openness and transparency. “Sunny ways” my foot! No surprise here as he is terrible when off script.

He is just tying to avoid more embarrassment. He also made sure that Max Bernier will not be able to attend any debates. Only progressives are allowed to speak to the Canadian people, it seems, including progressive Conservatives like Sheer. What a sham.

Bernier should absolutely be allowed to debate. He says he has signed up 40,000 members of the new People’s Party of Canada (PPC). Much more than the Green Party under Elizabeth May with only 18,000 members after many years now.

A vote for the Greens or NDP is just another vote for Trudeau after all, as they both are committed to prop him up as usual if he wins a minority government, the same as they would for Scheer.

I suggest anybody planning to vote in October check out the platforms listed online at the PPC website.

You decide what makes sense to you when you get into that voting booth after giving them a look.

Don’t let the mainstream media or all the other parties decide for you. They all hate Bernier and what he proposes, because he is so different from the bunch of them who all seem much the same on many issues, and all so politically correct, although they say he is a personal “friend.”

They hope you forget about him and his common sense approach to governing.

They all say he is “far out.” Is he? Why don’t you decide on your own. Don’t trust the others or the media.

Get the facts on your own. You may be pleasantly surprised. See you in October.

Russ Horner