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Trudeau’s pipeline folly

Dear Editor,

Well, the liberals today continued on doing what they do best, spend taxpayer’s money!

They bought a pipeline that was not in financial difficulty at all.

The difficulty was in getting Trudeau to grow a pair and do what any strong leader of a nation would have done. That being declaring the pipeline in the national interest, and protesters, many foreign funded, would be kept at bay, off Kinder Morgan property, one way or the other.

The only problem with that scenario is that Trudeau and his puppet master Jerry Butts, do not want this project completed at all, but must go through the motions to satisfy pipeline proponents until the next election at least, and kick the project down the road again, only this time at OUR expense, not Kinder Morgan investors, who drew a line in the sand, and called Trudeau’s bluff!

What a farce! We now get screwed twice, as the billions add up and up, and the protesters will still be delaying this thing til the fifth of never with whatever means they can come up with!

Kinder Morgan investors must be celebrating today! At our expense. All this does is buy Trudeau some time, at our expense, and gives him an excuse to claim he did all he could to see the project completed, but if he was sincere, he would have done what President Trump did in regards to the protesters in the Dakotas attempting to stop that pipeline. That pipeline is going to be completed as planned without taxpayer funding, thanks to Trump being Presidential. No chance of that here. Like night and day in leadership comparisons!

The Trudeau family consisting of Pierre, and now Justin, have screwed Canada for decades now one way or the other. This just the latest fiasco!

We paid billions forty years ago or so to go metric, and yet today, I shopped locally for some applies, and the price was posted in pounds, and yet when I checked out the receipt showed the price posted in kilograms! Many of us still need a calculator to see if we are paying the correct price or not on many items! Yet our still largest trading partner, the USA, still has not gone metric, yet politicians are all telling us how important NAFTA is to all of us! Why did we ever need metric, and spend billions converting, when our closest, and largest trading partner, still do not feel they cannot function without it?

Just one of the earliest of the Trudeau’s follies. This pipeline nonsense is just the latest, and we are stuck with this clown til at least next fall!


Russ Horner