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Think carefully before casting your vote

RE: “Only one clear choice this election” – Letter: May 30, 2018

Dear Editor,

It seems that a regular armchair critic explains that the PC party is the only choice?

Try not to declare in your writing that there is one clear choice for the upcoming Ontario election.

It seems that all the three main parties will not learn from their previous mistakes and this is a generation thing I might add.

I would agree with the writer that one thing is to clear the waste by clearing up the overloaded bureaucrats before declaring the costs of promises. But do we need to really think about it?

We need a simplified common sense approach to provide real accountability and that would start by scrapping how long you can be in power? Say a maximum of eight years?

If a party was able to offset cost of promises by creating plausible revenues streams then maybe I would be able to erase past mistakes. But, I have a main reason for shaking my head while reading the writer’s ghost from the past.

We need to create sustainable jobs to create economic growth and thus reduce taxation for all in an equitable manner. No doomsayers please! Why not mid term care circles rather than the Long Term care beds that just exist in name only.

Stewart Cameron