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Trudeau wrong on Saudi Arabia: reader

Dear Editor,

Why is Trudeau so upset that he feels he now cannot cancel the trade deal with Saudi Arabia and all those military vehicles built in London, because of built in guarantees that would cost us billions in penalties if he went ahead and put all those workers in Ontario out of work?

All we should do if we want to retaliate for the alleged murder of a Saudi columnist with the Washington Post is cancel any oil imports from that country to our east coast.

That would hurt them in the pocketbook, not us. We do not have a pipeline from the west yet to bring Alberta oil to our east coast, so we are buying unethical oil from places like Saudi Arabia instead.

Would it not serve the purpose to cancel those oil shipments, and in the meantime at least, until we get some common sense leadership in Ottawa, and build a pipeline to buy the oil from our next door neighbour, the USA, to service the east coast?

Remember, they are now selling oil on the world market, thanks to their increased energy exploration and extraction. Also, we could use more rail tankers to make up the difference with Canadian oil from the west.

Why continue buying from Saudi Arabia, and trying to kill a contract for military vehicles that would cost us dearly in job losses, and potential lawsuits in the billions?

I wonder why Trudeau is so adamant about the terrible human rights violations allegedly caused by Saudi Arabia anyway, when he, by his own words, “has a fondness for China.”

Has he no knowledge of the terrible human rights record of that communist state? Yet he is attempting to increase trade with that country.

We too, could be totally energy sufficient, and non-dependent on Middle Eastern countries to import oil for our energy needs, if only we had proper leadership in Ottawa.

Hopefully, that will happen in 2019?

Russ Horner