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Former resident remembers past tenures

Dear Editor,

As a former resident of the city of Oshawa, I lived under the leadership of the lovely late Nancy Diamond as mayor and I also lived under John Gray’ s dysfunctional leadership. Nancy was tough yes, but her logic always made sense, the city wouldn’t spend money it didn’t have. Nancy also made a point of being involved in the community. We fast forward to 2003, Nancy is unfortunately defeated after a successful 12 year run.

John Gray assumes the job as mayor, council takes a dive off the deep end and becomes known for its reckless spending and dysfunction. The taxpayers money provides Mr Gray his sporty orange Camaro.

Now in 2018, Mr. Gray only dared the nerve to enter council chambers because his biggest opponent Nancy Diamond is sadly no longer with us. I hope Mr. Gray’s style as councillor will be much more responsible and respectful, then that of his reckless years as mayor. Be smart Mr. Gray, Nancy is watching from above, like she watched over you when you were councillor and she was mayor.

Jack Fowler