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Trudeau ramping up efforts

Dear Editor,

Trudeau is ramping up his efforts lately to coerce the premiers to not knuckle under due to push back from business, in his desire to lockdown as much as possible for as long as it takes to reach the “sweet spot” to call an election, that he feels will give him his hoped-for majority at that time. He is just using misery as a political strategy, as did his left-wing pal in the U.S., Biden, to blame Trump for the virus instead of placing blame where it belonged, China.

The daily COVID case numbers are a scam, as they go up, of course because of more testing being done than ever before. They do not translate into higher morbidity rates, except possibly in the vulnerable age group, where the protection is warranted, if folks have other medical issues also.

We lose thousands every year from the annual flu season, but never had to shut down our economy and stop preventative medicine for many other ailments, and ruin lives due to unemployment, drug abuse, alcoholism, spousal abuse, and the list goes on. Lockdowns do not work as Europe has now found out. The virus is still there after all the other damage is done. Herd immunity is the answer, according to many medical experts, but their opinions are silenced by willing conspirators, such as the left-wing media in order to help Trudeau and Biden.

Trudeau hopes to hook as many young voters as possible for that day, by keeping them unemployed, and as recipients of government largess in the form of a monthly cheque, from borrowed money that they will be stuck with the bill later on.

He hopes to fool these young minds that by voting liberal, all will be wonderful, and they can just continue on watching Netflix in their parent’s basements, and maybe smoking a little legal weed to help them forget that they are forfeiting their future, and will forever be dependent upon liberal governments to walk them through life, instead of being self-reliant and proud.

Don’t be fooled by this strategy, as it will only lead to loss of our freedoms, which were hard fought for and need to be protected from globalist tyrants that want to imprison us and force us to take a knee.

Embrace freedom of speech and thought. Once it is gone, life will change drastically for the worst. Just ask anybody from a communist country that came here to escape that life.

Russ Horner