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Flight schools not the problem

Dear Editor,

Re: Flight Schools destroying the quality of life for residents

I have written about this ongoing issue before, and as I said the last time, Oshawa Airport was built in 1941 as a flight school during WWII. It was built well away from residential homes, but since then, developers have been building residential homes ever closer to the airport. Doug Warren is another person complaining about the noise of aircraft overhead. My question to him and any other complainers would be, why did you buy a house so close to the airport if you don’t like the noise? Would it be because the houses close to the airport are cheaper because of their proximity to the same?

Why should the airport and flight schools have to leave an area they have been occupying for nearly 80 years because houses were built close by? Doug Warren and all the other residents of the area knew full well there was an airport there when they purchased their homes.

I would say to all of the complainers, sell your houses and move away from the area if you don’t like it.

I myself trained for my Private Pilot’s licence at Oshawa Airport in the early 90’s in case you were wondering, and it would not be fair to the flight schools to have to close their businesses due to some misguided residents.

Peter Snowden