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Trudeau is ignoring the west

Dear Editor,

What are Justin Trudeau’s priorities? Helping Alberta’s oil industry or going surfing? Well, it seems that going surfing is more important while another oil company, Encana, moves to the U.S. right after Trudeau was re-elected which means more  western jobs will be lost.

The first company to leave this year was Trans Canada which became T C Energy. Right after the Liberals were re-elected Husky Energy is in layoff mode with hundreds of jobs lost.

Trudeau broke two ethic laws to protect SNC-Lavalin and has blocked every attempt into the investigation including the ethics commissioner and the RCMP, but promised to run an open and transparent  government.

On another issue, Trudeau helped to fund a cement factory in Quebec which produces as much pollution as one oil field, but they were exempt from following environmental policies, and will produce between 1.8 to 2.2 tonnes of carbon pollution a year. This is more than Shell Canada produces in Fort McMurray, and just as much or more as the Trans Mountain Pipeline which Quebec opposes on environmental grounds – why the double standard between the provinces.

Trudeau also stated he respects Quebec’s role as a distinct society as he said he knows his values even if he no longer recognizes Canada’s. The Prime Minister must also be accountable for attacking Conservative leader Andrew Scheer who voted against abortion 15 years ago but never mentioned other Liberal MPs who voted against it.

I think it is very clear Trudeau has no interest in the west with what he has said and by not doing. anything for them and his favouritism for Quebec, so I would like to know if Trudeau would support the west separating as he stated he would support Quebec right to separate.

Ross Ayotte