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Reader says MP is off base

Dear Editor,

Re: “Oshawa MP says Liberal Policies are hurting residents and business,” in the Nov. 6 edition of The Oshawa Express

Colin Carrie, has, perhaps, forgotten that the campaign is now over and that the game of playing with the truth that was so unsuccessful for Scheer did not make it to overtime.

There are a number of such failed plays in his reported speech. People, other than those who believed the Conservative misrepresentation of the carbon pricing, are not worried about costs. They know that they are getting more back than they will pay.

We do not have the highest electrical rates in North America. At least 12 American jurisdictions have higher.

New York and San Francisco are double Ontario’s. We are a little higher than the USA but close to  the cheapest in the developed world, and cheaper than our competition.

They are also provincial mandates and not Justin Trudeau’s or the federal government’s.

Almost every developed country has carbon pricing as does China. All our competition does. The USA does have carbon pricing covering about 40 per cent of its economy with several more states working on legislation to implement pricing. Most of our competition has higher “taxes” or pricing than Canada does.

Canada now needs to up its game and enact more regulatory controls as our competitors do to get to those deeper economic areas that pricing does not reach.

John Peate