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Trent, DC sign agreement

Trent, DC agreement

Dr. Leo Groarke, left, president of Trent University, and Don Lovisa, president of Durham College, sign a pathway agreement between the two schools for students in the college’s journalism program. This is the 14th such agreement between the two schools.

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

As part of an ongoing partnership between the institutions, students will now have the opportunity to obtain both a college diploma in journalism from Durham College and a bachelor’s degree in media studies from Trent University in a four-year timeframe.

Under the new agreement, students who complete DC’s two-year journalism program can then transfer into Trent’s program – typically a four-year program – and complete it in two.

“We’re delighted with this agreement,” said Dr. Leo Groarke, the president of Trent University, at the announcement made at the Oshawa campus recently, adding the university wants to create more of these kinds of program pathways.

“This really fits in with our vision…more of a shared vision. I’ve really enjoyed coming to an institution that has a campus in Durham and Oshawa, and I’d say that shared vision is for a seamless postsecondary system which allows students to transfer in ways that are useful to them, that make sure they get credit for what they’ve done at other institutions, and that has sometimes been a challenge in the postsecondary system.”

This is the 14th such agreement between the two schools, including pathways between programs in the business, arts and science fields, among others.

The two schools are also working on similar agreements for the college’s media, art and design students to be able to transfer into Trent’s media studies program. That pathway is set to be finalized in the fall.