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Too much CO2 is clearly a pollutant

Dear Editor,

When considering the legal definition of “air pollutants” and the body of scientific evidence, it is clear that CO2 meets the definition of pollutant.  It is a substance emitted by man that poses a significant threat to public health and welfare. The EPA in the USA affirmed that in its ruling. Not that there is any point in dwelling on a legal definition. The consequences are not changed.

That is the essence of the legal definition. The denial claim of it being life or necessary for life and that more is better is strictly propaganda by fossil fuel shills and the ignorant spreaders of the deceit. Like many other substances it is an essential factor in the life of both animals and plants, but also like any other, in excess it is a toxic pollutant.

In its role as a greenhouse gas, CO2 regulates the temperature of earth. More of it makes earth hotter. The inability of the natural carbon sinks to absorb the excess is also acidifying the oceans and killing marine life at an alarming rate. It is a plant food that taken in excess is harmful in its effects and leads, eventually, to a severe reduction in yields.

The consequences of the atmospheric warming are too dire to contemplate. Already we see widespread droughts and forest fires, hundreds of thousands of deaths and displacements of whole peoples, more powerful and damaging storms, accelerating sea levels and these are but the early symptoms warning of the disaster ahead.

Attempts to prevent action to stop the increase in emissions are gross negligence when perpetrated by policymakers and amount to criminal irresponsibility. The current leadership candidates for the PC Party are equally guilty of this.

John Peate