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CO2 is definitely a pollutant

Dear Editor,

I always read the letters to the editor and a lot of them I agree with. It is very rare that I disagree with someone’s opinion. When I do disagree I tend to keep it to myself but Mr. Russ Horner’s letter of February 28, 2018 was so egregious that I felt I had to write.  In his letter he stated unequivocally that co2 was not a pollutant. Now I have always thought that Mr. Horner was quite intelligent. I have to rescind that thought. and reassess my thoughts of this person. We can disagree about some things for sure, but carbon dioxide is definitely a pollutant. It is one of the major pollutants in the world. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that is causing the planet to become warmer and there is just no way to avoid it!! It is constantly on the news and it is even in the dictionary! Please Mr. Horner get your facts straight before you go off and say something you might regret.

Ron Horner