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Tolls need to go soon

Residents of Durham Region receive something that nobody else in the GTA does.

And while this may sound like a good thing, it’s actually taking money out of our pockets.

In their infinite wisdom, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals decided years ago motorists using the 412 and 418 should have to pay to do so.

Drivers using any other 400-series highway, like the 400, 404, and 427, do not have to worry about paying to get to the 407, which they also have to pay for.

Sounds complicated, right?

It really shouldn’t be, but so far, there has never really been a good explanation given as to why Durham’s connector freeways are tolled.

But Wynne and the Liberals have faded into political history, and this is now an issue for Doug Ford’s Conservatives to address.

Local politicians, such as regional chair Gerry Lynn O’Connor and Oshawa Mayor John Henry have been vocal opponents of the tolls for years. They were a thorn in the side of the late Roger Anderson as well.

Oshawa MPP Jennifer French has plans to bring forth a private member’s bill to get rid of the tolls.

During the election, all PC candidates in Durham made it clear this was a priority for them.

The Oshawa Express has been told that local MPPs such as Lorne Coe and Lindsey Park have been strong advocates of the cause.

Yet here we are with the tolls still in place. Local representatives have only so much influence but this current government has shown itself to be quick to erase the policies of the Liberals, such as the cap and trade program, and revised sexual education curriculum.

The PCs love to tout themselves as the ‘Government for the People’. Well, people in Durham seem to be tired of paying to get to the 407.

They are also avoiding the 412 in droves, and using city and regional roads as alternates.

The effect of this can be seen every morning in Oshawa with cars backed up for as far as the eye can see on Harmony Road.

It seems like this is an issue that MPPs from all parties can agree on, so what’s the hold up in eliminating these nonsensical tolls once and for all?