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Tolerance must be extended both ways

Dear Editor,

In response to “Have tolerance for the beliefs of others” article by Mr. Ron Horner, Aug. 29.

First of all, I never asked you, or anybody else, to agree with whatever I have written or will write in the future.

That is how a true democracy works. You have your opinion, and anybody who  is a regular reader of this newspaper, knows all too well your slant on all things political.

And that statement that you have “not written a letter in some time,” is just not accurate by the way. It is a matter of record, and not difficult to check.

On the other side of the coin, I too have a right to voice my opinion on all things political, as you do often, but never expect that anybody reading my letters must agree with what I have said.

Your statement that I seem to have no compassion for other peoples, beliefs, is also not accurate. I completely agree with their right to have a different opinion than me, and if they, meaning you, could offer up some convincing evidence to back up their claims, I would most certainly listen and perhaps side with them, but alas that has not happened as of yet.

All I do hear on a regular basis, is anger and hostility towards anybody that does not agree with them.

You claimed yourself that you and your conservative-minded sister attempt to not talk politics whenever you are together, or around anybody else.

Another fallacy, as you are almost always talking politics whenever you do write a letter to the Editor. Your sister may not, I don’t know the lady, but I know your type of letter you often write up, and  I have almost always disagreed with what you have written, but I don’t try to silence you because I don’t like what you stand for.

Are  you implying that only your views should be printed, and mine discarded? If that is what you mean, you just made my case about Facebook and other social media programs using algorithms to weed out conservative voices like mine. It has happened time and time again. They use the term “hate speech”. That is just an excuse to silence anybody that does not think like you do.

That is akin to Ma Bell cutting off your phone because she doesn’t like your political views.

Yes, Facebook is a private entity, as are the others, but when they begin using these tactics to influence elections, as they did in France in the last election there, by eliminating thousands of pages of people not going along with the status quo, that is wrong and should be addressed, and will be thanks to Mr. Trump in the near future, as he knows how wrong that is.

On the other hand, your favorite, Trudeau has already warned Facebook months ago, that if they do not address “hate speech” as he sees it, he will legislate it.

Sounds a lot like communist China, you know, the place Trudeau said he admires so much.

You and I share only one thing in common Mr. Ron Horner, and that is our last name, although we are not related that I am aware of, but in a true democracy, you are entitled to your  beliefs, and I am entitled to mine. You should celebrate that, not complain about it. Many countries have lost their freedom to do what we are doing, but in Canada so far at least, we still have freedom of speech.

Let’s keep it that way shall we? Don’t try to silence me. If you don’t like what I write, do not read it. Simple as that.

Russ Horner