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Time to celebrate

(Cartoon by George Longley)

The stories surrounding Oshawa’s lakefront in recent weeks have been mixed, however July 1st is a time to put all of that aside and think about all the good in this city, because there’s a lot of it, and Lakeview Park is a perfect example.

Walking to the end of Simcoe Street South, one is afforded the beautiful view of Oshawa’s Lake Ontario coastline. Take a minute to examine the shoreline. The only hint of the damage done from last year’s record high water levels is a bit of erosion and some fencing.

From the beach, turn and walk to the pier, recently opened following issues with the Oshawa Port Authority. The issues are resolved, the insurance documents signed. This is a crisis averted considering how popular the pier is to local residents. And if you’ve got a minute, cast out a fishing line, you’re allowed to do that now.

From there, turn your attention to the festive celebrations that will be ongoing across the park this long weekend that celebrates our country. Music will ring out, good food and drink will be had, and there will be more than a few things for the kids to keep themselves occupied, all the way until fireworks light up the sky over Lake Ontario.

Along with that, take a minute to look at the number of community organizations that will have booths to inform you of their great services in our community. And don’t forget to check out the Oshawa Museum’s pristine grounds and heritage homes, a perfect reminder of where this city came from.

So again, enjoy the good things our city has to offer, because there’s plenty of time to figure out how to solve the puzzle that is the future of Oshawa’s waterfront.  The city puts on one of the best Canada Day celebrations that attracts upwards 30,000 people to the lakefront. The event is always a good time and the perfect way to kick back and celebrate what being Canadian is all about.