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Thumbs down to Ontario’s Bill 47

Dear Editor,

Bill 47 is anything but a balanced approach. I don’t know who the Chamber of Commerce is speaking on behalf of.

I didn’t hear an uproar from small business saying they couldn’t afford the minimum wage going to $15 an hour on Jan. 1, 2019. The fact is the sky didn’t fall as some business CEOs predicted.

Most small businesses simply passed their cost onto the customers. I had no problem paying a little extra knowing that I was helping the minimum wage earner receive their fair share of the pie.

The government of Ontario knows no shame. Standing up at Queen’s Park cheering and clapping like a bunch of idiots for taking a dollar an hour off the table of the poorest workers.

This is simply something you just don’t do. A dollar an hour can go a long way to put food on a family’s table, shoes on kids’ feet and a warm coat on a child’s back, and you MPPs are standing up and clapping?

I have a suggestion to all these upstanding citizens, I dare you and everyone who supports Bill 47 to take a month and try living on $14 an hour. For the Conservative Premier to glee with delight having used his majority government to attack the lowest paid workers is a bloody disgrace.

You don’t need a business degree in place of common sense. Every dolly a low wage earner receives goes directly back into that economy and that supports other small businesses.

Doug Ford is a lucky guy, took over a profitable business from his dad, never had to go out and find a real job and can live on his father’s fortune. If only all of us could be so lucky.

Gord Vickers