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A simpler approach to recycling

Dear Editor,

I get Jeff Goodall’s well-intentioned point in his letter to the editor, “Looking at the bigger picture” from Nov. 7; but, I believe that citizens have “parted ways” with their recycling put out on scheduled pick up days.

If said citizens are putting out newsprint, cardboard, plastic, steel, pop cans, etc., I know scavengers can’t “reflip” these items for any gain – save for pop cans at 60 cents per pound, but that’s a lot of cans.

If homeowners take their beer cans, liquor containers, etc. to the brewers retail outlets (this is all that is really “flappable”?) and there’s not much curbside attractions for said “scavengers.”

There are homeowners that put out heavy steel items/appliances, etc. for said “roadside recyclers,” saving a trip to the northern Oshawa Transfer Station.

I really don’t feel that it’s necessary to “run sentry” over your curbside recyclables for a night as Mr. Goodall suggests. I think most homeowners have better things to do with their night (hoping of course that “scavengers” don’t scatter items to and fro “at the curb.”).

I think in the big picture it’s a win-win for everybody.

R.M. Hues