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Thinking long and hard about upcoming election

Dear Editor,

We must do something about the way elections are held in this country. Right now, there is absolutely no way that we can elect someone federally and not elect someone of the same party provincially.

I am sure that there are a lot of people that like to see Justin Trudeau in power federally. I cannot think of anyone that would like to see Kathleen Wynne re-elected as our our premeir.

They must re-elect her if they would like to see the federal Liberals in power again. This is quite the conundrum that we find ourselves in. We really have to give this a lot of thought.

I am also quite sure that Mr. Trudeau is wondering how he can win the election that would put him again in power without having the sacred votes of Ontario.

Ontario has the largest population in the country and therefore it also has the greatest number of votes.

Ms. Wynne has the lowest approval rating of any premier in this country. She may have the lowest approval rating of any premier past or present.

I myself will have to think long and hard about the upcoming elections.

Ron Horner