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The rubber duck is the last straw

Dear Premier Wynne,

Contrary to your questionable opinion a $200,00.00 yellow rubber ducky does not appropriately commemorate Ontario’s 150 years in Confederation. Rather it commemorates the final nail driven in to the political coffin of Kathleen Wynne.

You did not have to spend $200,00.00 to throw the 2018 Ontario Election. For far less money you could have commissioned an artist to carve a wooden bust of Premier Wynne to be placed on the front lawn of Queens Park to commemorate 150 years in Confederation.  What better way to remember the most incompetent Premier since 1867? Wooden heads do not think!

Congratulations Ms. Wynne, you have forever solidified the legacy of the great and wonderful Premier Wynne with your big rubber ducky. To make the yellow rubber ducky more realistic please use your own hot air to inflate it.

Thank you for your years of public service at Queens Park.

It is now time to move on  as a Board Member with one of your favourite Green Energy Companies   or to accept that Ambassador Posting offered by your adopted son, the Honourable Justin Trudeau ,Prime Minister of Canada.

I wish you well in your future endeavours.

This rubber duck decision only creates an argument for legalized marijuana; you must be buying and smoking some really bad shit with banana leaves.


Jim McEwen