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The Conservatives have learned loads

Dear Editor,

According to John Peate, the federal Conservative Party has learned nothing from the last election. On the contrary, the Conservatives have learned a great deal.

They have learned that it does not take much to con Canadian voters into electing the flake who is currently our Prime Minister. They have learned that you can promise to run 10 billion dollar deficits and then double them to almost 20 billion a year.  They learned that you can promise to lower taxes on small and medium business then renege on that promise and then proceed to extort millions more in taxes from them.

They learned that you can pledge Canada’s allegiance to the Paris Accord, probably the most useless treaty that Canada has ever signed. Having signed on to Paris, you can then squeeze even more taxes from Canadians in the form of carbon pricing to pay for hair-brained climate change programs which will do nothing to address the real causes of climate change.

The Conservatives have also learned that the Liberals can proceed to botch the NAFTA treaty talks by introducing identity politics into the negotiations rather than sticking to representing and defending important Canadian trade and commercial interests. What the Conservative has really learned is just how much the Liberals have screwed up this country and what it will take to fix it once they form government in 2019.

Curt Shalapata